Ozaki Patent Firm

     Ozaki Patent Firm is founded in 1994, located in Aichi.    We provide clients with comprehensive services  relating to intellectual property law, including various aspects of patent, utility model, design, trade mark, and other related areas.

    For nearly twenty years, the attorney Takahiro Ozaki has served as trusted advisors for clients seeking to obtain, protect and leverage intellectual property rights. Together we provide world class legal services to a wide range of national and international corporations, universities and individuals. Because many of our clients operate globally, Ozaki Patent Firm, does too.

       Strategically located in the Aichi area, we are widely recognized as one of the premier intellectual property law firm in the Japan. 

       Our success is a product of the efforts of a team of experienced support staff that is committed to the highest professional standards. To us, intellectual property is more than just the focus of our practice, it is the foundation of our success. That is why we have protected generations of new technology by managing the intellectual property laws and policies shaping scientific and technological advances across the globe. 



      Address: 11-14,chuo-hommachi,Gamagori-shi,Aichi,443-0057,Japan